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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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education standards for their children. i'm marla tellez. what they are demanding later coming up. >> the most destructive fire in colorado history still burning strong this morning. find out what is making it so hard for firefighters today. >> we're not dealing with elevated fire conditions with more of an onshore flow and fog. we've got a cooldown. we're going to ramp your numbers up toward wednesday. 80s today. 60s at the coast. your full forecast in moments. >> if you're heading across the bay, i have an accident you want to know about as well as possible delay for the rails. more info coming up. >> we take you live outside of oakland. lots of clouds around the city. we'll tell if you they are blowing out and the sun coming in on this monday, june 18th, "today in the bay."
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>> good morning everybody. we're happy you could join us. it is now almost 6:51. actually 6:01. i wish it was 6:51. good morning. i'm jon kelley. >> it's monday, that is for sure. new this morning a major bay area freeway shut down overnight after a driver is hit by gunfire. it happened along 580 around 2:00 a.m., closing a stretch of the interstate. stephanie chuang is live with this search for the gunman that continues. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. you know, that's a pretty busy stretch of the freeway even at night when this happened. the question now for police here at the headquarters is who is responsible for this freeway shooting. it all happened just before 11:00 last night when oakland police got the call from someone driving eastbound on 580 who heard gun fire. when officers arrived at the fruitvale exit they found a car. the driver suffered at least one gun shot and was taken to a
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hospital in critical condition. police say there was a passenger in the car who was not hit. a witness reportedly saw a man limping away from the scene. information slow this morning. traffic flowed to a crawl after officers shut down the eastbound lane. oakland investigators could search in and around that car for clues. officers did reopen the lanes around 2:15 this morning. but right now investigators telling us they have no suspect information so that's what they are focused on, trying to get leads and hoping that some people with information will step forward and contact them to move this investigation forward. live in oakland, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> there are new numbers showing violent crime dropping sharply in much of the bay area. the report shows 13 of the bay area's biggest cities had fewer homicides, robberies, assaults and rapes. the exception oakland and vallejo. san francisco saw the number of homicides drop by almost half in
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the past five years compared to the previous five. experts predict a rise in violent crimes because of economic worries coupled with police cuts and fewer social programs. that's not how it went down. >> this morning two people are dead and another recovering from a near drowning after their small fishing boat capsized in the delta. all three were fishing in the walters west of stockton saturday when the boat overturned. a boater pulled a man from the water but couldn't get to the other two. one body was found saturday afternoon. a second is missing. none of the victims were wearing life preservers. there are reports that all three are from the east bay, possibly oakland. a santa rosa father accused of abducting his three daughters will be in court. jose alberto rojo will be arraigned including child endangerment and assault with a deadly weapon. police say he allegedly threatened to hurt the children during a confrontation with his wife thursday.
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she has a restraining order against him. he took off with the girls, prompting an amber alert. later that evening he dropped the daughters off at their grandmother's house. >> some parents demanding better school for kids. they complain the education their kids are getting is intolerable. marla tellez is live in san jose with more on their demands. good morning. >> reporter: laura, good morning. what it comes down to is the level of middle school education right here in the alum rock district. the parents i talked to, they are fed up, demanding change from the district and they are going to do this tonight. they say their children are not getting the middle school education they need to graduate from high school. in fact, an average of 50% of students graduate, prepared to succeed in high school in this district. i spoke to one of the concerned parents and she tells me she wants high quality education for her two children here. she says she wants to see new
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schools open. >> every week, every day, every month and year we wait, children are getting further behind and with that we're losing them to gangs. when children do not feel empowered in school and empowered outside of school we get the uprise with continuing to lose our children to the streets, being murdered, on the corners, and enough is enough. >> reporter: she goes on to tell me that she along with other concerned parents want more schools modeled after two of the district's most successful schools, those are renaissance academy and kip-heartwood. those two happen to be public charter schools with impressive track records. if you are interested the meeting is san jose at the mayfair community center. it gets under way at 6:30. karen tells me that the last meeting they had in regard to this issue, it was 1300 people, about 1300 people showed up so if that's the case you can expect standing room only. now we have calls in to the alum
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rock school district. we're waiting to hear back. live in san jose, marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> whipped up by strong winds a major wild fire in northern colorado has grown parking a new round of evacuations. thousands of firefighters battling that high park blaze burning west of ft. collins. wind gusts of more than 50 miles per hour triggering more than 300 new evacuations. the wild fires burn more than 56,000 acres, it destroyed at least 181 homes, that makes it the most destructive fire in all of colorado's history. >> meantime, down in san diego, firefighters bat battling a brush fire. that also fueled by strong winds that started up yesterday afternoon in a rural area northeast of campo. it has grown and prompted dozens of evacuations. containment right now is only at
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about 5%. but wind still a major concern. >> that wind, dry brush and the spark, it gets going. hoping for cooler temperatures in the bay area. checking in with meteorologist christina loren. >> we're looking pretty good. you want to remember now that we are in the heart of fire season, even though it's not sum ear time yet, we need to be practicing the best of behavior. if you have a barbecue, make sure it's out before you return it to your home. we're looking pretty good, you can see the roadway here on the golden gate bridge. and we still have that full deck of clouds overhead. it will burn off. we have to wait until about noon. it's welcome change for cities inland where we saw the triple digits. 10 miles or better visibility. i wanted to point out the shading here is starting to move inland. that marine lay ser pushing into livermore. that means a cooler day and better air quality. we're in the good range. that's good news for us, open up the windows, you don't need the ac, the heater for today.
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60 in sunnyvale, 56 in san jose. as we head through noon, temperatures at about 75 inland and you round out the day at 82 degrees at 4:00 p.m. so a stark contrast especially from the highs on saturday where we even hit 100 in san jose. very unusual this early in the season. 72 degrees bay side. and 67 degrees at the coast. as we head through tomorrow, we'll warm you back up, even more so for the seven-day forecast is ready in my next report. first we want to check your drive, it's monday, the only man who can make it better is mike inouye. >> i'll try to but i'm not good with fixing switches. that's what's going on. we have richmond over to millbrae, the red line on the map has about a five-minute delay. you pass by sfo, to millbrae delayed because of the stricher issue, a little slowing at the tail end of the line. on the roadways you're looking all right but here are issues, into the city where interstate 80 meets 101 in san francisco off the skyway we have a
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spin-out. there is a traffic break at treasure island. the metering lights on early. back at the toll plaza, something like this. the metering lights on for about 5, 7 minutes and the backup going back to mid parking lot to the 880 overcrossing. early for a monday. back to you. >> thank you. more than a year after construction was complete, the baskcome center in san jose opening up for business. damian trujillo is live in the center with more on why a budget surplus is making this possible. good morning. >> reporter: yes, good morning, jon. it sat empty 1 1/2 years, there was no money to operate the community center. this morning that's changed. all of the children are welcome, the families are welcome, the center is 45,000 square feet and that includes a 10,000 square foot gym for volleyball, basketball and other indoor recreational sports you can think of. the center will open from 5 to 9
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on mondays, 2 to 7 on tuesday through thursday and friday 2 to 7:00, using bond money the city built libraries and community centers back in 2009-2010. but there was never any money to operate them. they sat with no one able to go inside. well, that's changed. the city does have a small surplus next fiscal year and is using that to open up other community centers and libraries like the one on educational park drive, to start -- keep them open. they have been built several years ago, brand new like this empty for many months, now they are able to do that. how are they going to pay for the staffing level? they have to think creatively, partner with other community-based organizations to help them staff these centers, so all of the answers are not there yet but they are certainly working on them. live in san jose. damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> 6:10, an autopsy today could
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shed more light on the death of rodney king, the man whose videotaped beating sparked riots and a debate on racism. king was found at the bottom of a swimming pool sunday. neighbors say they heard a commotion at the house but police say foul play is not suspected. king's fiancee says she had been speaking with king by the pool in the moments before his death. >> during one of the conversations she had went back in the residence and she heard a splash. she came out to see what had happened and found mr. king at the bottom of the pool. she immediately dialed 911 and we responded. >> a grim end to a saga that began in 1991 when king was 25 and tried to outrun police when he was caught, the beating by four los angeles police officers was all caught on camera and broadcast nationwide. the officers' acquittal led to three days of deadly riots and
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widespread destruction. >> 6:11 now. coming up, yeah, the u.s. open, it's all over but you may want to head to the olympic club. check things out. we'll tell you why. coming up. >> plus, russia sending to syria. >> another company thinks it can make a tablet. >> live look outside over san jose. got to love that sun. sneaking up out there on the horizon. look likes a nice one weatherwise. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch. ♪ like this one. ♪ or this one. ♪ or, maybe this one. ♪ but when it's this easy to use citibank mobile check deposit at home...why would he? ♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. this is a live look outside. look at that sun over the bay area this morning. another warm-up on the way? no, no. a cooldown, that's good news. we'll check the forecast with christina. 6:14. >> new this morning, a russian
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navy ship, ships that is, heading to syria, reports say russian marine troops are being sent to protect russian citizens at a naval base in syria. naval base is russia's only base outside of the former soviet union and most of the military personnel base there had are advisers teaching syrians how to use russian weapons. >> islamic-backed muslim brotherhood declaring victory, though the country's military rulers issued a decree that strips that position of power. this move coming sunday at the conclusion of a two-day presidential run-off adding to the political turmoil that raised questions about the stability of the fragile democracy. >> 6:15. jerry sandusky's defense could take over the trial today. sandusky is at the courthouse in bellefonte, pennsylvania and could take the witness stand by the end of the week. chris is live with the latest
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for us. good morning. >> reporter: hi, laura. jerry sandusky arrived about a half hour before the session began this morning, court went back in session about with 15 minutes ago give or take. yesterday, our nbc cameras caught up with sandusky as he left his home with one of his attorneys, he went to a local prosecutor's office, is believed that he was meeting with a psychologist who was working for the prosecution. even though there was no court on friday, the judge in this case ruled that sandusky's defense team could introduce witness testimony from a medical expert who is expected to testify that sandusky suffers from a personality disorder known as his tree onic personality disorder. it's believed that the defense will try to use that information to explain some of sandusky's behavior that was testified by some of the accusers in this case. as you mentioned, the prosecution still has this case this morning coming out of last thursday's testimony, but they are expected to rest their case
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fairly early and we believe that the defense could start calling its own witnesses by lunch time today. we'll follow the developments here. that's the story live in bellefonte, pennsylvania. back to you. >> chris, thank you very much. no doubt it was worth the wait for the winner of this year's u.s. open. actually it was this missed putt by the competitor out there, graeme mcdowell that sealed the deal for 25-year-old webb simpson. simpson and his wife, yeah, kind of in disbelief and shock as they watched the screen as he locks this up. they broke into laughs and hugs and let it roll. >> and if i was honest with you i believe in myself that i could win a major but maybe not this soon. i only played in i think this is my fourth or fifth. played in the final group of a major is stuff. i have 135 texts as of five minutes ago so i was just thumbing through them trying to see all of the congratulations. >> what a father's day for webb simpson. 18-month-old baby at home. his wife is pregnant.
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now to the last 18 players, simpson was the only one to actually break par. this marks his first major win on the pga tour. >> that trophy will look nice in the baby's room. special memories for a lot of folks brought families together whether it was professional golfers hugging their dad or everyday dads enjoying the event with kids. the passion for golf seems to be passed down from father to child. golfers said the best part it's all inclusive. >> most is walking with friends and people you care about as opposed to playing the sport. sort of an excuse to get out there and do that. >> playing golf is kind of something that brought us all together and now we come out and watch the best. and hang out with the best. >> by the way, u.s. open merchandise will be available at the olympic club tent for half off today. >> good deal. >> 6:18 now. a check with meteorologist christina loren.
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sounds like golf gear might be good. a cool start. >> it's going to be a great day for golf especially if you have to pick between now and the next three days because temperatures are going to climb right back up to mid-90s inland. not until wednesday, that is the first official day of summer. so appropriately taking a live look at the golden gate bridge. light volume of traffic. we'll check on where the problems are with mike, he's tracking a few things. as you can see here, full deck of clouds in san francisco, not so much the case. in san jose we're getting a little bit of sunshine but you can see we have layered clouds and that's going to cool us down substantially today. winds will likely start to pick up throughout this afternoon, but they come off of the pacific, that westerly wind carrying in the cool ocean ash. for today temperatures dropping by 10 to 15 degrees from yesterday's highs. here is your hour by hour forecast. livermore, 56 to start you out. by noon we're going to jump up to 73 degrees. but that's not too bad.
6:20 am
yesterday, we were at 83 degrees in livermore. so about 10 degrees difference even at noon. then we'll round out the day, 82 in livermore. on track with our averages. 76 in los gatos. 81 degrees here in san jose. and then we'll start to climb tuesday into wednesday, low to mid 90s, in the warmest cities across the bay. thursday, look at the difference. we're going to shave off 20 degrees in 24 hours with a full deck of clouds as we head throughout thursday morning. that will be a substantial difference. you'll be wearing summertime wardrobe wednesday. back to the spring/fall mix on thursday, then level off into the weekend. holding on to comfortable conditions after we get through with this brief warm-up tuesday into wednesday. here he is, mike inouye. >> here i am with traffic as you would expect a slower drive from oakland into san francisco. made a little worse by this traffic break as you get off of that bay bridge.
6:21 am
now, we have the earlier disabled vehicle that traffic break was for. we still have an issue here. still on the shoulder there, southbound 101 around hospital curve, reports are that there is a medical emergency and taking a while to clear. no lanes blocked, no major issue but spectator slowing as you head out of the city. back on the east bay, we're following a good slowdown out of the altamont pass. 23-minute drive and building as speeds come down in the 40s and 30s as you travel west. your commute direction through the tri-valley, 680, you'll see the slowing kick into sunol, to the south bay with san jose, lighter volume 280 here, but 101 starts to bog down. i'll show you where coming up. >> microsoft seems to think it can succeed where so many have failed. rumors say they are going to build a tablet. >> only apple has been successful doing this.
6:22 am
microsoft invented the first tablet. bill gates in 2001 figured in five years the tablet would be the most popular computer device. it was more like 10 and it was apple. we hear microsoft going to make a second run at a tablet in an announcement in los angeles. some tech watchers expect the new effort to involve barnes and noble. this will be microsoft's first attempt at making a physical computer. normally it partners with hardware makers. i think look at this list. these are all of the folks who have not been able to make a tablet in the past. these are off the top of my head as well. cisco got rid of its as well. probably missing several from the list. for the fifth year google published a list of the countries which asked the company to sensor results so turkey asked google to remove certain youtube videos, germany to remove links to allegations against politicians that it said
6:23 am
were false. here in america requests come from local law enforcement asking google to censor a blog showing police officers accused of rough treatment. google said no and ford later will be in silicon valley celebrating its opening of its technology lab. the company will show off electric cars and new gadgets. cars the new hot place for tech. apple said it was going to work with several carmakers. i'm surprised apple hasn't done more. vw, the audi and ford have tech offices here. >> that's true. thank you. >> folks on tv. >> 6:23. president obama announces relaxed regulations for deportation. that's the latest talking point on the campaign trail. a live report next.
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now on to decision 2012. the hot topic for debate is deportation this morning. republicans question whether president obama's decision to relax the rules for some undocumented immigrants is just a political ploy. tracie potts live on capitol hill with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: laura, good morning. there was immediate criticism when the president announced that rule on friday and throughout the weekend with republicans saying it was politically motivated. what the president said is that
6:27 am
if you were brought into this country illegally by your parents when you were under 16, and you are now under 30, in the school or in the military, they give you a chance to get a work permit and get it renewed basically indefinitely. republicans say this was calculated to get latino votes. while advisers say -- the popularity with latinos will help in swing states. john mccain says the president was trying to divert attention away from the economy, mitt romney was not saying over the weekend when asked directly whether or not he would repeal this order that the president has given. live from capitol hill, i'm tracie potts. back to you. >> thank you. >> 6:27. still to come on "today in the bay" an east bay freeway becoming a crime scene. why police closed 580or hours in a live report coming up. [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal,
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>> reporter: new this morning, some parents in a south bay school district say they are fed up and they are demanding a better education for their children. i'm marla tellez. that story coming up. >> reporter: the search is on, oakland police trying to track down those responsible for a freeway shooting that left one person in critical condition. i'm stephanie chuang live with the latest also coming up. >> and we have a significav hav cooldown. temperatures are going to ramp back up as we head into wednesday. your full forecast is moments away. >> as you head across the bay i have delays for you both on the roads and the rails. stand by. i have information for you coming up. >> a live look outside, sun coming up over the bay area making way for a nice day. great way to start up your monday, june 18, this is "today in the bay."
6:31 am
good morning to you. thanks for joining us. it's 6:30. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. we can tell you east san jose parents, they say their school districts are in crisis. alum rock and frink lin mckinley have rates below the norm. and parents are demanding changes. marla tellez is live at san jose with a look at what parents want done there. >> reporter: jon, good morning. for those at home familiar with the south bay you know that a majority of the students here in the alum rock union school district are hispanic. in fact, according to the district website, 78% of students here are hispanic and their parents say their kids are not getting quality education during the middle school years. tonight they are going straight to the district, the top officials, and demanding better schools open. they say they need to fight the statistics, that says only an average of 50% of students
6:32 am
graduate prepared to succeed in high school. >> we need to replicate what's working, schools that are succeeding, replicate schools providing our children with high quality education to ensure the success of their future, the fact that they are able to go to high school, graduate and go to an actual university. >> reporter: now, they would like to replicate the schools are renaissance academy and kipp-heartwood. kipp ranked in the top 10% of all california schools regardless of demographics. as a result, hundreds of students in the alum rock school district are on waiting lists to go to those schools in particular. if you are interested in going to tonight's meeting, it is set for 6:30 at the mayfair community center in san jose. this morning we do have calls placed in to the alum rock union school district.
6:33 am
we're waiting to hear back. we're live in east san jose. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> new this morning, one person in critical condition after being shot along a busy east bay freeway. it happened on interstate 580 at the fruitvale avenue exit in oakland. stephanie chuang has been gathering information. she joins us with more on the shooting. good morning. >> reporter: laura, good morning. we've been talking to oakland police officers throughout the morning. it's really early on, though, information pretty limited. we know that the investigators are focused on trying to figure out who was responsible for this shooting that happened before 11:00 last night. it started when police got a call from someone near fruitvale. they reported hearing gun fire. when officers arrived they found a car perpendicular to the road. the driver had been shot at least once while a passenger in the car was not hit. the driver is at a local hospital and at last check in
6:34 am
critical condition. traffic on that pretty busy stretch of 580 slowed to a near standstill as the officers worked on diverting drivers off the highway. that lasted about three hours, giving oakland investigators some time to collect evidence in and around the car. that is where they are focused, getting leads on the person or persons behind this. no suspect information yet at this time at last check. for now live in oakland, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> 6:34. two people are dead, another recovering from a near drowning after their boat capsized in the delta. all three were fishing west of stockton when the small boat overturned. another boater pulled one of the men to safety but couldn't reach the other two. one body was found saturday afternoon, the second still missing. none of the victims was wearing life preservers. there are reports all three are from the east bay, possibly oakland. >> heartbreak and grief in san
6:35 am
mateo after a toddler wanders away from her family home and ends up drowning in a lagoon. police say the girl fell into the water south of the san mateo bridge on saturday. officers arriving shortly after the parents called 911. they joined with neighbors to search for the little girl. when they found her, officers and paramedics tried cpr but it was too late. san mateo police say they are investigating the girl's death as an accident. her identity has not been released. >> some new york children are treated after their bus overturned. it happened a few hours ago in a queens neighborhood. the bus reportedly collided with a taxi. rescuers had to cut a hole in the roof to get the kids out. five children and another adult suffered minor injuries. >> gee. 6:35 now. meteorologist christina loren joins us for your monday
6:36 am
forecast. >> good morning. i get to be the bearer of good news, that's why i have a big smile. cheeky smile this morning. cooldown on the way. too hot for you, worried about a high bill, give the ac a break. you can probably give it a break all the way throughout the upcoming weekend with much better weather on the way. this morning the low clouds are starting to settle in. also bringing in better air quality with the onshore flow. we're back in the good range across the entire bay area. so open up the windows and enjoy today. comfortable, 61 at sunnyvale, 56 in san jose. at noon, 75 degrees, inland 65 bay side and 63 at the coast. then we'll round out the day with the low 80s across the bay inland. 72 degrees at san francisco and oakland at 5:00 p.m. comfortable, dreer dreary with the full deck of clouds. a big warm-up on the way through wednesday. i'll reveal that in my seven-day
6:37 am
forecast. let's check your drive. >> on the rails we have a delay for b.a.r.t. both directions between millbrae and richmond. b.a.r.t. is talking about with a detour because they are on a rail but there is a switching issue, you'll be switched around san bruno. it will add 5 to 15 minutes so keep that in mind on the rails. on the roads, the south bay has northbound 101 slow north of tully but north of 680. here for 87, also between capital and curtner. slowing for 580, 26 minutes out of the altamont pass. a hive look at oakland shows you the flow. not so bad. >> thank you, mike. >> 6:37. coming up is jerry sandusky mentally ill? the new strategy his defense is using in the sex abuse case against him. >> a post interview gets i s
6:38 am
interrupted. >> a case of highway robbery. how a gang of bandits is making off with hundreds of thousands s.
6:39 am
6:40 am
>> welcome back everyone. a good monday morning to you. taking a live look outside from the south bay this morning overlooking san jose. hoping for a nice day. good way to start out your
6:41 am
monday morning. >> of course we've heard this expression a million times but this time it's really highway robbery. >> police in romania questioning up to 20 people in a series of truck robberies. police actually caught them in the act, take a look at this. you can see the guys climbing out of an suv sun roof, then they crawl onto the hood and then they open the back of the truck. >> wow. >> police say the thieves are part of a gang. they say so far the gang has managed to steal $380,000 of goods. how they are able to do it and how it's not, you know, taken from the scene of a movie. >> like you said, from the gang of tom cruise, mission impossible crew. >> amazing. >> coming up, 15 minutes of uninterrupted news. >> a new chapter in the case against jerry sandusky. the new strategy the defense is trying to use to clear their client. ququick k shot.
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welcome back everybody. happening now, the defense about to take center stage at the jerry sandusky child abuse trial. >> attorneys have to counter testimony from eight alleged victim who is told the disturbing stories about naked shower sleepowe verse and unwelcome sexual contact from the former penn state coach. the defense maintains the accusers are lying or trying to cash in on possible civil lawsuits. they may argue sandusky suffers from a personality disorder. >> have to go back and substantiate with evidence those two claims. >> sandusky is charged with 52 counts of child sexual abuse,
6:45 am
accused of molesting ten boys over a 15-year period. >> today we'll hear several jail house phone calls between george zimmerman and his wife. florida prosecutors releasing six conversations after zimmerman was arrested for the shooting death of trayvon martin. the calls may contain discussions about the couple's finances, not disclosed to the court. earlier this month a judge revoking zimmerman's pond and sending him back to jail after learning he withheld information how much money he had. his wife has been charged with perjury. >> shocking news this morning about the adult son of ozzy osbourne. jack osbourne tells people magazine he has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. he says he was angry when he found out but is now concerned about his family. he became a father just two months ago when his fiancee gave birth to a baby girl. multiple sclerosis attacks the brain and spinal cord and causes mild to serious disabilities,
6:46 am
such as paralysis. >> 6:45. coming up on the "today" show, the california family stranded in the mountains of idaho, they are speaking out about their frightening ordeal. a new tell-all book rye rielle hunter on her relationship with john edwards. the "today" show starts up at 7:00 a.m. >> no doubt about it, it was worth the wait for the winner of this year's u.s. open. tense moments there, this putt here by his competitor graeme mcdowell that sealed the deal for 25-year-old webb simpson. simpson and his wife, they just sat there in disbelief watching this unfold on tv, that was in the olympic club locker room. they broke out in hugs and celebration. of the last 18 to tee off simpson the only guy to break par. simpson, first major victory on the pga tour. we can tell you that things got bizarre during simpson's post-match interview.
6:47 am
>> a british invasion of sorts created an unexpected birdie. >> that was the difference. i got off to a slow start. i knew -- >> grab that guy. look at bob costas. >> always something to spice matters up. >> there he is. >> announcer: little peacock call. >> get out of there. >> look at webb simpson. he kept going. >> he had a cool response. enjoy the jail cell. classic. >> what was that? >> you never know. a bird call there. >> a little bit of alcohol, too, i would imagine. you said a nice day, some golf today. >> mike inouye does the same thing during my weather reports from time to time. if you wonder, there it is. keep it down, mr. mike inouye. we'll get to his report in a moment. a live look outside, we have fog out there. not a whole lot. at this point it's starting to burn off. here is a live look at san
6:48 am
francisco. the fog will settle in to your bayside cities and at the coast until about noon. let's take it live to san jose and show you how much improvement has taken place over the past 15 to 20 minutes. almost completely clear but we did have the full deck of clouds, we'll get that nice cool refreshing westerly wind off the pacific. that means the cool marine air will keep temperatures down from yesterday's highs. we're starting out in the 50s and 60s. visibility is not a problem but you can see where the white shading is where the fog is the thickest. that will be between san francisco, looks like down to santa cruz. you start to lose that fog. so it's mostly banked up across the mountains. throughout the day high pressure is in control but the jet stream taking a little dip to the south. as it situates right to our north we're going to see that onshore flow. probably today. tomorrow for if first part of the day. monday, 10 to 15 degrees cooler, tuesday low 90s, then thursday
6:49 am
we're talking about another cooldown. so we're going to warm you up, cool you back down. the good news is we're not ramping your temperatures up toward the triple digits. just mid-90s even in the heat of the week. 81 degrees in san jose. 90 degrees tomorrow, then 93 degrees by wednesday. thursday into friday, take a look at the drop-off. from 93 wednesday down to 73 degrees thursday. mostly cloudy conditions to start, a sunny finish. we'll hold on getting a nice leveling off of our temperatures in mid-70s about all week long into the weekend so. make outdoor plans inland. you don't have to hit the beach saturday and sunday. >> over to highway 4, we have your usual slowing through antioch. and through into concord and highway 4 and 242 and 680 down through the walnut creek interchange in toward the rest tv680 corridor, things are
6:50 am
starting to slow. so a heavier volume just kicking in for that portion of the east bay. that is in addition to the heavier traffic off of hercules and 4 and then down into richmond. so we have a good commute over to the toll plaza where the metering lights are on. we'll give you a live look to see a sample of what it's like. all lanes, cash lanes pretty much stopped. i want to show you this. all the way on the right there, a nice break so consider that. golden gate bridge there on the other side of the city, we have the fog just touching the bridge top but not a big problem so. smooth into the city. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> over the weekend the greeks selecting a politician who say they want to stay in the eurozone. >> you think that would have been an indication for the markets? >> you would think. it's what we've been waiting for but the dow industrials are down
6:51 am
another 27 points because now we get to worry about spain. spain you recall has a banking crisis so yes, greece taken care of, now we worry about spain. in forbes, says that the start of the day at apple stores employees turned mac books to a certain ang sol they look most appealing to the customer. they use an iphone app to measure the angle. they pivot the computer off center. the magic number is 70 degrees. so apparently every morning they move every computer to 70 degrees. imagine. >> interesting. >> adjust the back of my chair. perfectly in line. thank you, scott. the assault on governor brown's tax increase picking up steam. the november ballot initiative critical to balancing the budget and avoiding serious cuts but several small groups and a leading taxpayer advocate launching organized and fortiesty kated campaigns.
6:52 am
brown wants to raise the tax on people make over $250,000. the anti-tax activists say they plan to raise enough money to run radio and tv ads that will show examples of how government expenses are wasteful. >> father's day weekend has a special meaning. for years they feared they would be torn apart by deportation. salvador and rosa celebrated thankful his oldest daughter can fulfill her dreams. she graduated from san francisco state. she is undocumented but under new white house policy announced last week by the president she can now apply for a work visa. she says it's something that means the world to her father. >> he called me when he heard and he said you can get a really good job now and you can get your driver's license and you better take advantage of this as soon as you can. >> her parents are also
6:53 am
undocumented but she remains optimistic they will be granted green cards. >> a farmers market could come soon to the peninsula. the redwood city council will consider a one-year lease for an outdoor market on fridays at 11:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening on the parking lot of the redwood shores branch library on marine parkway. the library right now is closed on fridays. about 45 booths would be at the market freeing up space for on sig site parking. >> 6:53. santa rosa father accused of abducting his daughters will face charges. jose alberto rojo will be indicted. police say he allegedly threatened to hurt the children during a confrontation with his wife. she has a restraining order against him. he took off with the girls
6:54 am
prompting an amber alert. later he dropped them off. >> this morning two people dead, another recovering now after nearly drowning when a fishing boat capsized. all three were on board in waters best of stockton when it overturned. a passing boater managed to pull one to safety but could not reach the other two. the body of one of those was found on saturday. the body of the other victim still missing. none of the boaters we've been told were wearing life preservers. there are reports all three are from the east bay, possibly oakland. >> powa toddler drowns. police say the girl fell into the water south of the san mateo bridge saturday. officers arrived shortly after the parents called 911 and joined with neighbors helping to search for the girl. when they found her, officers and paramedics tried cpr but it
6:55 am
was too late. police say they are investigating the death as an accident. her identity has not been released. >> new this morning police now investigating a shooting on interstate 580 in the east bay that left a man in critical condition. stephanie chuang is gathering all of the information. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning. this happened on a fairly busy stretch of 580 later at night when this happened. so really this could have been much worse. we know that just before 11:00 last night someone driving east on 580 called police after hearing gun fire around the groot veil exit. police found a car perpendicular to the road. the driver had suffered at least one gun shot and is in critical condition. there was also a passenger in the car who was not hit. traffic slowed to a crawl after officers were forced to shut
6:56 am
down the eastbound lane, diverting drivers off for three hours so investigators could search for any clues. investigators telling us here they still really are focused on getting suspect information. they are hoping that people will step forward so they can get these new leads and watch those who were responsible. >> 6:56. parents in one east san jose school district want better education for their children. a look at the changes they want to see get done. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are more than 11 schools in the alum rock school district. many say there are only two high quality biddle schools and they demand foroptions. their kids are following behind, entering high school unprepared. on afternoon only 50% graduate prepared to succeed.
6:57 am
so going strit top officials, demanding that new amend improved schools open, even calling for a new superintendent. we have calls in and we are waiting to area back. the -- i can tell you tonight's meeting is at mayfair community center from 6:30 nm 7:30 tonight. we're told you can expect standing room only. we're live in east san jose. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> the community center will open up thanks to a $9 million cushion in the budget. damian trujillo is live at the new community center with more on why this is just opening up to the public. good morning. >> good morning. this closed before it ever opened. the bascom center was built but the city found there was no money to operate it. that all changed this morning
6:58 am
after 1 1/2 years the center will open its doors, 45,000 square feet of space, 10,000 are for sports activities. the city will have to be kree aty. there is still no money for new staff. what new facilities are doing is partnering with nonprofits to help staff and run the centers. the library here at the bascom will have to stay closed. a small budget surplus should allow it to open and other libraries at that time. there is a small budget surplus for this next fiscal year. we forecast a deficit for the following fiscal year. crossing fingers this won't have to close again. damian trujillo, "today in the bay." >> time to check the forecast. >> another nice day, not as hot as yesterday, temperatures right on track with our seasonal
6:59 am
averages and we're going to get several nice days. tuesday and wednesday will not be included. 57 in san jose. rounding out the day with good air quality an temperatures in the 80s. you'll be in the 70s bayside and 6 even in half moon bay and pacifica. we're back in the 90s by wednesday, the first official day of summer. talking mid 90s. then we drop off. 6:59, let's check the hurry up and wait. >> late longer for your ride. switching problems around sfo caused a detour toward sfo and back along your way. here north of san jose, 101 slows from about hellyer, capital into downtown. the rest of the area moving, slow


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